The attorneys at Estes Law Group deliver positive outcomes for businesses.  We are sought out by industry representatives as experts in business litigation and appellate law.  At Estes Law Group, you get the expertise of a large law firm with the personal attention only a boutique firm can provide.

Polly Estes is Board Certified as an expert in Appellate Law by the California State Bar Board of Specialization.

In-Depth Knowledge of Appellate Law and Procedure

Our attorneys have handled more than 400 appeals in private practice and while working at federal and state courts.

We have an insider’s perspective on the appellate process.  We understand and anticipate the complexity of civil appeals.  We have worked for many appellate judges and their knowledgeable staff.  Many litigants throw every argument they can think of into a brief, hoping that something will stick.  We know better.  We don’t waste the judges’ time, or their law clerks’ efforts, by making arguments with little to no chance of winning.

Appeals are different from trials and require a different skill set.  We partner with trial counsel to achieve the very best results for the client.  Contact us today at (415) 448-5905 to arrange a consultation.

Extensive Experience in Complex Commercial Litigation

Our team provides top notch legal skills in handling complex civil litigation, including class actions.

Most attorneys have experience in pre-trial litigation, but few have taken a case to trial more than once or twice.  A trial attorney must have substantial experience not only in conducting discovery and negotiating settlements but also in taking cases to trial when necessary.  We have the needed trial experience.

We provide expert legal services to businesses.  We pride ourselves in providing our clients the time and attention they deserve.