The Expertise of a Large Firm, with the Personal Attention of a Boutique Firm

Even with the most careful business practices, disputes arise.  It is vital to have qualified civil litigation lawyers on your side to ensure that your legal and business interests are protected.

Our civil litigation practice is comprised of a variety of issues commonly experienced by our clients.  From a complex case against a large insurance company to a freedom of speech claim by an individual, and everything in between, we aggressively pursue justice for our clients.  We pride ourselves in giving each case the time and attention it deserves.

One inherent problem in the legal community in California is that business litigation has become so expensive and so document-intensive, that most cases settle.  As a result, few attorneys ever actually make it to trial. Many large firms have partners who have never tried a case, but not at Estes Law Group.  We’ve gone to trial a number of times, we win, and we aren’t afraid to go back.  Because we are not afraid to try a case in court, we are able to command better settlements for our clients when that is the best route.

We work hard to provide a cost effective solution for our clients and to avoid protracted litigation if possible.  If needed, however, we are always ready to take the case all the way through the trial and appellate process.

Our areas of practice typically include the following:

If you are involved in or anticipate a legal dispute, it is important to obtain guidance as soon as possible.  Our team can answer your questions and help you sort out the facts of your case.  Contact us today.