Bad Faith Insurance Litigation & Appeals

One primary practice area of Estes Law Group is insurance bad faith litigation and appeals.

Polly Estes has served as counsel to national insurance companies such as USAA, State Farm, New York Life, and Allstate on their high-exposure trials and appeals.  She has been called in at the last minute to handle litigation needs on issues that impact industries, and she has prevailed at both the trial and appellate levels.

The law made in litigation of extra-contractual claims has the potential to chill the business environment for insurance companies or, worse yet, to damage the insurance industry as a whole.  This is why we frequently file amicus curiae briefs on behalf of one or more insurance companies in cases affecting the development of the law.

Our lawyers have a command of the principles and public policies that guide insurance law.  We understand the importance of handling bad faith claims properly on both an individual and a nationwide level.

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