Immigration Petitions for Review

Immigration is an issue of national prominence.  Businesses in California and across the nation are in need of workers that the domestic labor force cannot provide, yet our national debate focuses on what is wrong with immigration.  The fact is that our country needs immigrants to meet the workforce needs of our economy, and that is nothing new.  Immigrants from around the globe drove the industrial age of our country.  With few exceptions, we are all immigrants.

Immigration regulations are complex and their navigation requires experienced attorneys.  In-house counsel for businesses sponsoring applicants for labor certifications quickly recognize that outside help is needed.

Our firm handles immigration appeals in the Second, Fifth, and Ninth Circuits of the United States Courts of Appeal.  That covers 15 states.  If you are a business in need of representation in immigration appeals or if you represent an individual seeking representation an immigration appeal, call 415-376-9726.

Having worked for the Ninth Circuit, we know how to present a proper motion for stay of removal, and how to make the best arguments possible in your petition for review from an adverse decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals.