Social Security Appeals

More likely than not, an applicant for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income will be denied by the Social Security Administration.  SSDI is available for persons who have become permanently disabled from working.  SSI is available to persons who are either low income and over age 65, or low income and suffer from a disability.  Social Security applicants need an attorney who understands how to seek:

  • reconsideration by the Social Security Administration;

  • a hearing before an administrative law judge;

  • review by the Appeals Council of the Social Security Administration;

  • review by a federal district court or the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel; and

  • review by the federal court of appeals.

At each level, the decision-maker is looking for errors made at the immediately preceding level.  These appeals are time consuming and frustrating for applicants who are dealing with an absence of income due to injury or disability.  While many try to go it alone, an attorney experienced in Social Security appeals will often be the difference between winning and losing.

At Estes Law Group, we fight aggressively to win benefits for our clients.  We can handle SSA appeals in the Second, Fifth, and Ninth Circuits of the United States Courts of Appeal.

If you represent an SSDI or SSI applicant and need experienced Social Security appellate counsel, call us at 415-376-9726.