Appellate Attorneys with a National Practice

Estes Law Group is committed to providing its clients with prompt and professional legal representation.  Our attorneys have firsthand knowledge of appellate law and how the appellate courts operate.  Many trial lawyers focus solely on winning their case in court, leaving the issue of a possible appeal for later.  Unfortunately, trial courts make errors.  Appellate courts were, of course, created to address these errors.  However, appellate courts need a thorough trial court record that clearly illustrates the issues and how they were preserved.

Estes Law Group has experience at all stages of the legal process, including ensuring that important issues and objections at the trial level are preserved in the record.  Our managing partner wrote the leading law review article used by practitioners in Texas on how to preserve error:  Polly J. Estes, Preservation of Error:  Filing a Lawsuit Through Presentation of Evidence, 30 St. Mary’s L.J. 997 (1999).  Sometimes a settlement can be reached when opposing counsel is made to understand our client has a viable appeal and a highly qualified appellate attorney.

Our legal team has handled a wide array of appellate cases, as well as innumerable amicus curiae briefs on behalf of businesses nationwide.  A persuasive amicus brief protects a client’s interest, which is especially important when the decision could change the way an industry does business.

We offer cost-effective representation in complex legal matters.  Contact us online today or call us at (415) 448-5905.